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JRA Vectorworks Libraries: Construction Hatches Pack

For architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals looking to create 2D & 3D BIM visuals.

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Vectorworks Construction Hatches

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JRA Vectorworks Libraries: Construction Hatches Pack

The JRA Vectorworks Construction Hatches Pack I features construction hatches to insert into your Vectorworks project.

They are beautifully prepared and presented in a simple and easy to use format. Each symbol is classed up for easy use, and can either be copied into your files, or imported from the Resource manager.

Jonathan Reeves CAD Vectorworks Libraries are one of the industry leading providers for Vectorworks content library products. These catalogs provide Vectorworks software users with hundreds of ready to use product symbols, images and textures that are easily incorporated into their: architectural, interior, landscape, or entertainment designs.

Simply add your new resource libraries to the Resource Manager create simply stunning projects with Jonathan Reeves CAD Vectorworks Libraries.

How to add your new JRA Vectorworks Library?

Each pack comes with a PDF brochure, and instructions on how to use them efficiently to realise your potential.

JRA Vectorworks Libraries are simply Vectorworks files you create that contain specific resources to make it faster and easier to access the resources while drawing in Vectorworks. Libraries do not increase the size of the current file or consume significant amounts of memory.

Place custom library files in your user folder for personal use. Within the user or workgroup folder, Vectorworks requires each type of resource library to be in a specific location, identical to the Vectorworks folder location for that type of resource.

After your file is in place, right-click on the User Libraries or Workgroup Libraries heading in the Resource Manager and select Refresh (or select Refresh Libraries in the File options menu). This step makes your new resources available from the Resource Manager and Resource Selector.

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